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into the ocean, end it all

let the rain come down

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"i'm breaking windows in the hollows of your eyes."

A candle burns here in your honor
My soul, a shrine I've built for you
There's nothing left inside me
Nothing left inside but you

i only place damnation on those who have nailed me

"You're like a star lost in a black sky... You shine in darkness."

whatever i leave behind...

My colors run in blue and gray, but they give hope to someone dear...

Private writing journal of angels_burn - comment to be added

Here various logs, poems, and introspective pieces will be posted; some of them need translation, most of them are straight from the heart.

i crave for the sky, i think of the sea
in solitude the stars are in my dreams
the moon is in my soul
I'm crying
it's shaking the sky swing